I am Collin. I am a fun loving person. My main motive is to try to make everybody laugh through this blog. I want to make everybody happy in this world. I hope you all will enjoy my blog and at least forget all your pains and sorrows for sometimes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Only in Japan


umihoney said...

interesting :)

collin said...

Thanks...keep visiting Umihoney :)

mari said...

I just found you through Patricia (technicolor kitchen). If you're trying to make people laugh, you're succeeding. I used to live in Japan, and omg, do these shots bring back memories. Because it's so true: only in Japan! cheers, mari
p.s. love the design of this blog. Did you do this yourself?

collin said...

Thanks for coming. I m glad that u liked it. Keep following Mari.