I am Collin. I am a fun loving person. My main motive is to try to make everybody laugh through this blog. I want to make everybody happy in this world. I hope you all will enjoy my blog and at least forget all your pains and sorrows for sometimes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Joke

There is a lady laying in bed.

At about midnight her husband comes walking in with a sheep under his arm and says " That's the fat pig I've been sleeping with when I'm not sleeping with you."

His wife gets a confused look on her face and states " but honey that's not a pig its a sheep."

Her husband says " Shut up pig I'm talking to the sheep!"


umihoney said...

collin I have something for you..pick it up at my blog ya.Thank you for the laughter and the smiles.

collin said...

wow!! Thanks for this.